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At Dubble Billz Records, the heart of creativity beats. Step into our world where sonic innovation meets technical excellence. Our State-of-the-art facility and Seasoned Engineers are dedicated to elevating your creative ideas to new heights.

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Official EP Release December 29th, 2023

Creative & Corporate Industry Solutions

About us

Dubble Billz Records, established in 2021 quickly became the hub for all round entertainment industry problem solving and creative services. Besides talents grooming and content production, db provides Medea solutions and consultancies, supply and installation of gadgets for both creative and corporate industry.

Dubble Billz Records is more than just a recording studio; we’re a creative hub for artists and content creators seeking quality and originality in their productions. Our passion for both Audio and Visual excellence has driven us to become a cornerstone in the creative industry.

Dubble Billz

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- Twists by King Vuduo

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